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Customised services and quotation:
Once you've confirmed the scope of your turnkey project we will provide a final quotation that is easy to understand and explained point by point, so that you will not have any surprises as the project develops.

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Production and preparation:
Production, transport, delivery and installation are organised and you will be informed of each of the steps with all the necessary information so that you know what to expect. With a lead time of approximately five to six weeks.

All the groundworks to the specification we provide are undertaken in that time in preparation for the courts.

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The padel courts,- every, nut, screw, bolt, panel, checked and rechecked, is loaded onto transport, together with photos and videos along with the unload manual and transported to your location.

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Once the transported containers are on site, our specialist team of fitters and builders arrive to unload the containers and complete the installation in three to five days.

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Follow up:
Once installation is complete, all the components are reviewed with the customer to confirm everything is correct and working to total customer satisfaction.

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Warranty and maintenance:
During installation we show the customer details
to keep the court in perfect condition and give a detailed maintenance manual with action programmes to maximise the lifespan of the court and the practice of padel safety.

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The guarantees:
Provided by Jubo Padel as manufacturer of metal structures and by corresponding manufacturers the Jubo use, like glass panels, grass surfaces, markers, led projectors etc. The scope of our guarantee ensures we solve issues as soon as possible.

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Spare parts needed for proper maintenance are provided free of charge should they be needed in the first year. We also offer an after sales service for maintenance if required.


Ball-17 Initial consultation

Ball-17 Planning and statutory approvals

Ball-17 Pre-installation works

Ball-17 Ground preparation

Ball-17 Base construction

Ball-17 Court design

Ball-17 Manufacture

Ball-17 Supply and delivery

Ball-17 Utility connection

Ball-17 Landscaping

Ball-17 Playing equipment

Ball-17 Management advice

Ball-17 Financing

Ball-17 Booking systems

Ball-17 Guarantees

Ball-17 Padel holidays and coaching camps

... and RPS is with you every step of the way.


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